March 19, 2019

Competitive Ruling – Dawn of Stars


  • Dawn of Stars (participants of LoL Greek League) had a player on their Active Roster share their account with an unregistered player in two official LGL matches against Greek Regenesis and Gamespace Esports.
  • As a result, the team, the rostered players, and the team’s manager are disqualified from the LoL Greek League and suspended from playing in LGL for the rest of the 2019 season.


It was determined that an unregistered player was playing on Vasileios “BKarv” Karvelas account during DoS’s match versus Greek Regenesis and Gamespace Esports.

During the investigation LGL officials approached Dawn of Stars management and their players to confront them with their findings in an effort to better understand the nature of events leading up to that infraction and to determine each players involvement. Dawn of Stars were unwilling to cooperate with league officials and did not acknowledge this infraction.

Ringing is a serious offense. It misleads opponents who have prepared for the match, it circumvents roster rules meant to create a fair playing field, and it breaks trust with fans, players, and the league itself.


LGL 2019 Spring Split Rules

10.5.1 Ringing is defined as playing using another Player’s account or solicitation to do so.


  • Dawn of Stars has violated rule 10.5.1. of the LGL 2019 Spring Split.
  • Their results during the league have been nullified.
  • Dawn of Stars are disqualified from LoL Greek League and suspended from playing in LGL for the remainder the 2019 season.
  • The following players and team staff are suspended from LGL activities for the remainder the 2019 season::
    • Dimitrios Chatzitsobanis – IceBreaker
    • Konstantinos Klotsotiras – Izaya
    • Florin-Valentin Raducu – Raducu
    • Rafael Cojocariu – rf
    • Vasileios Karvelas – BKarv
    • Apostolos Markas – Ayato
    • Emiljan Ceci