July 14, 2018

Balkan Pro League

September last year marked the beginning of the most ambitious project in Balkan esports. Esports Balkan League rallied together the CS: GO and League of Legends community and provided the best teams in the region a platform to prove their worth. During the last two seasons of CS: GO and LoL, teams competed for a total prize pool of 80.000 euros.

LoL league soon exploded in popularity and thanks to the performance of our region EBL secured a slot in the EU Masters, a place among the best European leagues.

We spent the last few months working behind the scenes, thinking how we can level up the competitive experience of CS: GO players in the Balkans.

Today we can finally announce our partnership with FACEIT and our efforts to create the best possible CS: GO FACEIT hub for Balkan players – Balkan Pro League!

What does that exactly mean?

In the simplest way possible: monthly prizes, Balkan servers, 128 tick rate, FACEIT anti-cheat and of course a clear path to joining FACEIT’S Pro League – FPL.



Any CS: GO player that wishes to compete has the opportunity to play in our 3 new leagues according to their ranks, while the Pro division is reserved only for the best of the best (this is the one that gets you into FPL Qualifiers).

Players will be divided into Gold, Silver and Bronze (will be implemented at a later point) divisions according to their FACEIT ranks, while the PRO division is only available to those with invites and the top2 players from Gold division each month!


Some of you are already familiar with FACEIT platform and FPL, but for anyone that hasn’t had the luck to try it out, FACEIT enables you to play CS: GO on a whole different level.

Forget Valve’s matchmaking, VAC and 64 tick servers – joining FACEIT community you’ll be able to play in the best environment with the best players in the Balkan and subsequently Europe.

Each month, two best players will directly go into the FPL Qualifiers, while the top two players in Gold division will join the Pro division. Players will also receive monthly prizes totaling to 350 euros and 100.000 FACEIT points which you can use in the shop: https://www.faceit.com/en/shop

Prize-pool distribution:


How to join our FACEIT hub?

Head over to Balkan Pro League:


After entering, click subscribe and choose one of the payment plans and options available.

Join one of our 3 leagues depending on your rank:

Gold 7-10 level

Silver 1-6 level

Bronze 1-4 level – will be available once enough players join Silver and Gold to minimize queue times. After implementing, rank distribution will be 1-4, 5-8, 9-10.

And that’s it, you can queue up and play your first match, GLHF!

Use FORTUNA50 while subscribing and claim your 50% discount! Offer lasts until the end of August.