February 19, 2019

LoL Greek League Spring 2019

Hello to all Greek League of Legends fans! We’re here to discuss the immediate future of the Greek league.

Due to unfortunate circumstances and LGC suspending their operations we’ve accepted to take on the Greek league in an effort to provide the teams with a competitive structure and a way to EU Masters for this split.

We’ll do our best to respect the last season of LGC and any grandfather rules regarding the participating teams. This means that the teams from last split that were placed #1-#6 get to keep their spots, #7 seed will have to fight for survival and #8 team will be decided through an Open Qualifiers (more info about the qualifiers bellow). We wanted to make sure teams only have to focus on their competitiveness and not if their spot is up for grabs.

Since the time-frame we have to work with is extremely short and EU Masters is basically just around the corner, LoL Greek League format will be a compressed double round robin Bo1. We’ll do a full 14 game-days regular split in only 7 days, with each team playing 2 matches in 1 game-day.

Timeline – 1

League starts on Monday, March 4 and the semifinals and finals are scheduled for April 6-7. LGL teams will battle it out every Monday and Thursday at 19:00 and 20:00 CET via ChallengerMode platform.

Due to the limited time-frame we’ve decided to partner up with the guys from ChallengerMode to help speed things up and keep everything running as smooth as possible.

To ensure all teams are on equal grounds, each player will be given an unlocked public account (only used for official LGL games).

LGL prizepool will be 5.000 euros distributed to top 4 teams:

1st place: 2.500 EUR;

2nd place: 1.000 EUR;

3/4th place: 750 EUR;

LoL Greek League

Regarding the name change, the guys from LGC already built a legacy in the Greek region and we didn’t want to take anything away from that. This is why we’ve kept a similar but also created a somewhat unique branding in an effort to make the transition as stress-free as possible for the fans and the players.

Due to the short time-span and the given format, we’ve decided not to have a full broadcast such as you may find in EBL. We’re still exploring options for the broadcast part of the lague, bouncing around ideas such as letting the teams stream their games or having a community based streaming program. More updates on that are soon to follow.

LGL Cover

Now, lets talk about the qualifiers. Winners of our Open Qualifiers will join LGL while the 2nd placed team will have to go through Team Refuse (#7 seed from last season) in order to earn their spot in LGL.

Qualifiers will be open to all teams with at least 3 players with residency in Greece/Cyprus and are scheduled for Saturday, 23rd of February.

Signups are already open and you can find them on this link: https://www.challengermode.com/Tournaments/Show/8f061424-9633-e911-85b3-281878154410

Tournament will host a single elimination Bo1 bracket with a Bo3 semifinals and finals and will be played on Saturday from start to finish.