About us

We provide players
and fans with unique esports
and gaming experience.

It’s not just a game. It’s more than a hobby. We have enjoyed games all our lives, we think about them, talk about them, frustrate over them. We are gamers.

This is our effort to bring world class esports and competitive gaming to players and fans in our region.

Our main activities include organization and production of various kinds of events, viewing parties, tournaments and leagues.

We believe in talent of the team we have assembled, which we continuously try to expand and further develop.

We are always looking for people who share our enthusiasm and who are willing to fully invest their talent and energy into one simple goal. Gaming.

  • Twitch Partner

    We are a proud Twitch Partner since our foundation.

  • OP Video Production

    We provide only the highest quality video output in all our broadcasts.

  • Developing Local Talent

    We strongly believe in young, talented people with whom we work every day.

  • Premium Gaming Content

    We are dedicated to creating world-class gaming content in our region.

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