Sinalco PES Balkan League

Balkan eFootbal PES league.


Stay tuned and become IQ200!

BLAST Premier 2020

The most entertaining and elite CS:GO competition in the world.

Game Expert

Two celebrities, 5 video games, one question - who’s the better gamer?

Fortuna Valorant Invitational

Valorant managed build up great hype during its closed beta phase, and we decided to test our local players in…

Booster LoL Home Cup

The best could win RP prizes, but also a chance to try their luck (and skill) against Baka Prase in…


Our weekly rundown of everything new or bizarre in the world of gaming and esports.

Balkan Challengers

What does it take to be one of the best? How did it all start? These are their stories.

Fortuna LoL Weekly

A series of online weekend tournaments organized in cooperation with ChallengerMode.

Fortnite broadcasts

Through our partnership with IMG we have been able to broadcast select Fortnite events.

Dota 2 broadcasts

Localized broadcast of the largest international Dota 2 tournaments.

National Esports Leagues

National Esports Leagues represent a new level of competition, just below the EBL.

Red Bull Player One

Global 1v1 tournament for amateur players in League of Legends.

LoL Greek League

LoL Greek League for Spring Split 2018.

Fortuna Friday

Fortnite was almost epidemic in it's effort to take over the world of gaming, even we weren't immune to it.

Balkan Pro League

Official Balkan CS:GO league marked a new way for players to join FPL!

Fortuna Cup

Annual battle between the pros and our amateur community!

Samsung Challenge

First Fortnite Mobile Challenge on Games.CON.

Games.CON Belgrade

We are a part of Games.CON festival since its very beginning.

Gigatron Masters

Gigatron Masters is a series of LAN tournaments focused at providing local gaming communities with tournaments in their favorite games.


Three legendary RoG teams went head to head on Summoners Rift as a part of the RoG LoL Battle competition.

LoL Esports localized broadcasts

The first regional broadcaster to acquire rights for premium esports content with the Riot Games' LoL esports tournament circuit.

Meridian PES Championship

Over 2.000 players played on 32 tournaments hosted in 26 cities all over Serbia.

Fortuna Championship Series – FCS

Fortuna Championship Series is the first regional League of Legends league covering ex-YU countries. 

Junior Cup

Junior Cup is a series of LAN tournaments aimed towards all players independent of their age or ranking.

Cybermasters CSGO

English broadcast production for the first CS:GO tournament hosted by blockchain streaming platform Play2Live. 

WOAH School of LoL

Video series tailored to beginners but also intermediate League of Legends players.

Jelen PES Cup

Players from all over Serbia competed for valuable prizes and the title of Serbian PES champion.

Gaming Challenge 2016

Gaming Challenge 2016 went down in history as the first local gaming tournament that was broadcasted on television.

Fortuna Fireside Gathering

Fortuna Fireside Gathering was the biggest Fireside Gathering held in Serbia so far.

Warcraft: The Beginning Movie Premiere

Hearthstone tournament to celebrate the premiere of Warcraft: The Beginning.