15 October 2019.

Balkan Pro League

Official Balkan CS:GO league marked a new way for players to join FPL!

Balkan Pro League marked our second attempt at CS:GO community at large.

Together with FACEIT we secured monthly prizes, Balkan servers, 128 tick rate, FACEIT anti-cheat and of course a clear path to joining FACEIT’S Pro League – FPL.

Players were divided into Gold, Silver and Bronze divisions according to their FACEIT ranks, while the PRO division was only available to those with invites and the top2 players from Gold division each month.

Two of the BPL PRO division’s best players directly went into the FPL Qualifiers each month, while the top two players in Gold division joined the Pro division. Players also received monthly prizes totaling to 350 euros and 100.000 FACEIT points.