EBL is looking for a new team!

Looking for a team!

Ankora Gaming enters EBL

A new organization from Bosnia and Herzegovina bought the EBL spot from Nexus KTRL.

SIGMA CUP – EBL x GLL x HPM Pro-Am event!

SIGMA CUP is a tri-regional Pro-Am tournament in a collaboration between Esports Balkan League, Greek Legends League and Hitpoint Masters,…

Competitive ruling: CWE Lauxio

Jakob "Lauxio" Dovgan has violated rule 11.1.10 of the ERL Rulebook and will be suspended from playing in the next…

Diamant acquires EBL spot from SuppUp Esports

A newly formed Slovenian organization Diamant bought the EBL place from SuppUp Esports.

Saying goodbye to Z10, X25 and ASUS!

Zero Tenacity, X25 Esports and ASUS ROG ELITE officially end their Esports Balkan League adventure as of today, which means…

Balkan PUBG League champions are heading to PCS5: Regional Playoffs

The best PUBG team from the Balkans will have the opportunity to compete against the strongest teams in Europe!

Competitive Ruling: ŠAIM SE SuppUp

Due to a repeated violation of code of conduct rules, as well as the team already being fined twice and…


Due to a repeated violation of code of conduct rules, Baka Prase is suspended from playing official League matches for…


ŠAIM SE SuppUp have broken the code of conduct rules repeatedly and deliberately.

Competitive Ruling: Level Up Esports

Level Up Esports used an unregistered player (ringer) in an official game versus Crvena Zvezda Esports during EBL 2020 Spring…

Howling eSports has been disqualified from EBL

As a result of disbanding their team, Howling eSports have been automatically disqualified from further involvement in Esports Balkan League…