10 December 2021.

Diamant acquires EBL spot from SuppUp Esports

A newly formed Slovenian organization Diamant bought the EBL place from SuppUp Esports.

A newly formed Slovenian organization Diamant bought the EBL place from SuppUp Esports.

We are very happy to welcome a new Slovenian organization to EBL 2022! Diamant will take the place of SuppUp in the new season of the official League of Legends League for the Balkans.

Although the team has just been formed, during the period of vetting and verifying potential buyers, Diamant stood out from the pool of applicants in multiple areas. The organization was made by a team from the Slovenian start-up accelerator Reveris. From the very beginning, Diamant will have the support of the telecom operator T-2, as well as the football club IB 1975 Ljubljana, and together with people with experience in sports, business and gaming, this organization stands to help build Slovenian and regional sports ecosystems.

We are excited and thrilled to join EBL in the 2022 season. Playing in such a renowned competition as EBL was our first goal and we are proud to be a part of it. The competition will be fierce and there is a lot of hard work ahead of us, but we will do our best to show what we are capable of. Diamant aims to become one of the best sports teams in the Balkans, and participating in the EBL marks the beginning of our journey. ” said Gregor Fartek, from Diamond.

Unfortunately, this also means that the SuppUp is officially ending its participation in the Balkan League of Legends league, after they lended their spot to NK Osijek Esports in EBL season 8.

SuppUp (Energypot Wizards) has shown immense competitive quality since entering the EBL, and from the very beginning they started to win title after title. With the legendary core made up of Klowny, Spooky and VZZ, this team won three champion titles, and in the spring of 2021 they proved exactly how much multi-season growth and progress can mean for a smaller region with a masterful performance during the EU Masters 2021 Spring.

With this buyout completed, we have a complete list of teams that will directly participate in EBL 2022 together with three completely new teams that are trying to qualify for EBL as we speak.

P.S. Qualifiers for the remaining 3 EBL spots are played on Friday from 6 pm, as well as on Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm, and you can watch the live broadcast on Fortuna Esports YouTube, Twitch and Trovo channels, as well as on SK Esports TV!