08 December 2020.

Competitive Ruling: Level Up Esports

Level Up Esports used an unregistered player (ringer) in an official game versus Crvena Zvezda Esports during EBL 2020 Spring Split on March 12.



After receiving reports about using an unregistered player in an official match, the league started an investigation into this matter.

On March 12, league officials were notified by Level Up Esports owner and acting manager, Viktor “Buktop” Knežević, that their starting player was facing a high fever and wouldn’t be able to play the last remaining match of the split. He also requested to be able to use their registered substitute named Milan Kovačević, account name “LVL kravamocna”, which was later confirmed to be a ghost substitute that had no intentions of playing official matches. 

The league was able to confirm that an unregistered player was playing on “LVL kravamocna” account in their game versus Crvena Zvezda. The League was also able to identify the unregistered player as Nebojša “Flamy” Krivokapić, aka “Plameni”.

During the investigation, EBL officials approached Level Up’s players, active in that split, to confront them with their findings in an effort to better understand the nature of events leading up to that infraction and to determine each member’s involvement. Players were fully cooperative with league officials and acknowledged this infraction.

Ringing is a serious offense. It misleads opponents who have prepared for the match, it circumvents roster rules meant to create a fair playing field, and it breaks trust with fans, players, and the league itself.


10.5 Ringing

10.5.1 Ringing is defined as playing using another Player’s account or solicitation to do so. 

8.1. Competitive Integrity

8.1.9. Any other act which violates these rules and/or standards established by the League.