08 December 2022.

Ankora Gaming enters EBL

A new organization from Bosnia and Herzegovina bought the EBL spot from Nexus KTRL.

A new organization from Bosnia and Herzegovina bought the EBL spot from Nexus KTRL.

We are glad that for the first time ever we can welcome a competitive organization from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Esports Balkan League! Ankora Gaming will take over Nexus’ place during the 2023 season in EBL!

Ankora’s entry into our system is not surprising given their activities over the past year. From the organization of the LBC Summer Challenge tournament, through the successful management of amateur teams, to the fact that this is the esports branch of one of the most successful IT companies from B&H, their entry into the EBL is a very natural next step.

“Today is a particularly important day for the entire gaming community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For the first time, a professional gaming organization from B&H will become a part of a renowned competition such as the EBL. We have been working hard for the last six months to prepare a structure that will bring good results in the long term, and by joining the EBL, we have received confirmation that we are moving in the right direction. EBL was our first goal and we are proud to be part of that elite esports community. The competition will be really fierce this season, as evidenced by the stronger than ever rosters. A lot of hard work lies ahead, but we will do our best to live up to the expectations placed before us. Ankora Gaming aims to become one of the best esports organizations in the Balkans, but at the same time we want to work on the animation of the region and the development of new talent, which we have shown in the last 6 months by organizing LBC events”, said Faruk “macl30d” Tahtović. Co-founder of Ankora Gaming.

Unfortunately, this also means that the Nexus KTRL team officially ends their adventure in the official Balkan League of Legends. Nexus has been a part of the EBL since the very beginning, with many ups and downs and even relegation, only to qualify back the very next season. However, the team leaves open the possibility of returning to the league again, if the possibilities allow it.

With this transfer completed, we have a list of 7 teams that we already know for the 2023 season, while the spot of the Auxesis spot is yet to be filled.

EBL is scheduled to premier in late January, with all the dates and the schedule following soon!

P.S. Follow Ankora on their channels: Twitter, Instagram, Discord