23 July 2020.

Howling eSports has been disqualified from EBL

As a result of disbanding their team, Howling eSports have been automatically disqualified from further involvement in Esports Balkan League Summer Split.



Each EBL team can sign up to 10 players into their roster each split. Howling eSports signed their 10th player on July 10, making them ineligible to sign anymore Free Agents until the end of the split. HeS management notified us on July 21 that they’ve disbanded their LoL roster.

This action triggered their automatic removal from the league.

Any teams scheduled to play versus HeS will be awarded default victories.

Relevant rule:

3.1 Roster Requirements

Each team is required to maintain, at all times during the EBL five players in the starting lineup (“Starters”), a minimum of one substitute, and a maximum of five substitute players (“Substitutes”).